Shanklin Rifle and Pistol Club

About Us

Shanklin Rifle and Pistol Club is the largest premier shooting club on the Isle of Wight. It was formed as a target shooting club in 1903.

The aim of the Club is to promote safe, responsible and legal use of firearms for target shooting. To bring together people with an interest in the many target shooting disciplines. Provide facilities for the individual to receive advice, coaching, shooting practice and to compete against others at all levels (Novice to International).

The Club has affiliation to a number of shooting organisations. Including National Small-bore Rifle Association, National Rifle Association and the Isle of Wight Target Shooting Association. These associations run shooting competitions, training and accreditation schemes for member clubs. The club has a number of Range Conducting Officers and Licensed Instructors who oversee the range conduct, coaching standards and competition shooting. The club has also adopted and abides by, the National Small-bore Rifle Association's Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults in Target Shooting policy.

During the century and a bit from 1903 many types of shooting have been part of its activities, including the following:

  • Air rifle & air pistol precision target shooting
  • Air pistol timed target shooting
  • .22 Rifle & pistol precision target shooting
  • Centre-fire rifle precision target shooting
  • Centre-fire Pistol shooting disciplines
  • .22 and Centre-fire Sporting rifle disciplines.

Due to legislation the only Pistol shooting now allowed by civilians in the UK is Air pistol, Longarm pistol and Muzzle Loading pistol.

The range is a purpose built facility that is wholly owned by the club. We do not have any neighbour problems with access, noise or parking. We also have an outdoor range, which is on land rented to us for this purpose at a separate location. It has a 10 lane 25m range with turning targets and a covered firing point. It also has a 12 lane 50yd, 50m and 100yd range with a covered firing point.

The range has recently been redecorated after replacing our backstops and it is also well heated in the social area. We have a small kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities.

The Club is a registered charity, and completely owns the club premises. The administration of it is carried out by officers and a committee, who are elected annually at the AGM. The range is run on a day to day basis by voluntary Range Officers. The Club is not a commercial enterprise and is not run on a 'for profit' basis, all surplus left over after paying our bills is re-invested into the club.

When You First Visit The Range

There will be an initial tour of the ranges, a safety talk and then an introduction to shooting. Once the application form has been completed an initial assessment will be made possibly using an Air Rifle in the 6yd range. When satisfactory standards are attained, other types of shooting can then be undertaken. Each type of shooting requires safety and handling checks by Coaches or Committee members.

In order for the club to comply with various laws (Firearms Act, Children's Act etc.) If you are a Junior (under 18) you will have to be accompanied by one of your parents or another nominated responsible adult who is over 21, this is during your whole time on the range.

What does the Club do?

Precision .22, using single-shot rifle's and carried out to both national and international rules, on Wednesdays (winter season only) from 19:30 to 21:30, Tuesdays and Wednesdays(summer season only) from 15:00 to dusk at our outside range) and Fridays from 19:30 to 21:30. We cover prone and also 3P for any members that wish to partake. You will be loaned a suitable .22 rifle equipped with aperture sights to begin with, but will be expected to get your FAC and your own rifle once you become a full member. No air guns or multi-shot guns can be used on these nights. You will eventually want to get your own gun, so you will need to apply for a Firearms Certificate and comply with the security requirements for storage specified by the local police.

Sporting Rifle shooting using all calibres and types of gun, both rifle and pistol. Guns used range from airguns, to unlimited calibre muzzle loaders; these are shot on, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:30 (indoors) and Fridays (outdoors) 13:00 to 17:00 & Sundays (outdoors) from 09:00 to 13:00. As a visitor you will be loaned a club .22 rim fire, multi-shot carbine, which usually will be equipped with telescopic sights. You will eventually want to get your own gun, so you will need to apply for a Firearms Certificate and comply with the security requirements for storage specified by the local police.

Precision Airgun shooting using 4.5 mm (.177) single-shot guns (both rifle and pistol), from 19:30 to 21:30 on Mondays. You will be loaned a suitable air rifle or air pistol but please note that only 4.5 mm (.177) airguns are allowed on the 10 metre & 6 metre airgun ranges. If your impressions of airguns are based on shooting at tin cans, be prepared for a surprise, this is a serious and precise discipline, not at all what many people imagine. Both air rifle and air pistol are Olympic Sports and they demand great skill and considerable practice to do well. Airguns used in this type of shooting do not require the possession of a Firearms Certificate and do not have any special storage conditions, or police involvement. However there still are some conditions on their storage. See our UK Gun Law page for more information.

Besides coaching and practice in the great range of target shooting disciplines, members take part in many competitions that range from Club competitions to National and International events. Have a look at the some of the shooting that can be done as a member of the Shanklin Rifle and Pistol Club:

Club competitions
  • Air Rifle 6yd, 10m & 20yd
  • Air Pistol 6yd, 10m & 20yd
  • .22 Prone Rifle 25yd, 50m & 100yd
  • .22 Three Position Rifle 25yd & 50m
  • .22 Sporting rifle 20yd, 25m & 50m
  • .22 50m Free Pistol (Longarm)
  • CF Sporting rifle 25m, 50m & 100yd
  • CF Rifle 100yd to 300m
IWTSA postal competitions
  • Air Rifle 10m & 20yd
  • Air Pistol 10m & 20yd
  • .22 Prone Rifle 25yd, 50m, & 100yd
  • .22 Sporting rifle 20yd
  • Muzzle Loading Pistol
Hampshire Small-bore Rifle Association postal competitions
  • Air Pistol 10m
  • .22 Prone Rifle 25yd & 50m
  • .22 Sporting rifle 20yd
  • .22 Three Position Rifle 25yd & 50m
NSRA postal competitions
  • .22 Prone Rifle 25yd & 50m
  • Air Pistol 10m
  • + many others
Visits to Bisley for
  • Air Rifle 10m & 20yd
  • Air Pistol 10m & 20yd
  • .22 Prone Rifle 50m & 100yd
  • .22 Three Position Rifle 50m
  • .22 Sporting rifle 20yd & 50m
  • CF Sporting rifle 25m & 50m & 100yd
  • CF Target Rifle 100yd to 1200yd
NSRA/ELEY Competition
  • Air Rifle 10m
  • Air Pistol 10m & 20yd
  • .22 Prone Rifle 25yd & 50m
  • .22 3 Position Rifle 25yd & 50m
  • .22 Sporting Rifle 20yd
  • .22 Free Pistol

Other Events

Some members shoot at many locations around the country and in other countries too.
The international events where some of our members were/will be shooting:

Commonwealth Games (Delhi 2010 and Scotland 2014)
  • .22 ISSF 50m
  • .22 50m Free Pistol
Island Games (Finland 2009, Isle of Wight 2011, Bermuda 2013, Jersey 2015)
  • Air Pistol 10m
  • Air Rifle 10m
  • .22 ISSF Prone Rifle 50m
  • .22 ISSF 3P Rifle 50m
  • .22 Free Pistol
  • CF Pistol
  • Rapid Fire Pistol
  • CF ISSF 300m Rifle

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